500 Internal Server Error

Hello, I am using the Patreon Wordpress plugin and it was working great at first, but at some point–I don’t know when–any post using the plugin’s functionality times out when I try to visit it when I’m not logged in. Previously, the page would display with the notice that the content was protected.

Here is an example post https://kristasuh.com/patreon/test-87/

This also occurs on any page that has the post embedded. For example, the category page that is supposed to list the posts: https://kristasuh.com/category/patreon/

I contacted my host, but they indicated that the issue is with the plugin.

Do you know why this is happening?

Thank you!

This is the first time such an issue is reported.

I would suspect a conflict with a plugin in your site, which causes the_content filter to be called infinitely and cause a loop or something like that. Or a security plugin, or anything that could potentially interfere.

You can try to disable all other plugins, only leave Patreon WordPress active, and see if this makes any difference.

If the issue does not reproduce itself, then you can start enabling the disabled plugins one by one to see which one creates the conflict.

Hello, thank you for the reply. I deactivated all of my plug-ins and the page still did not load properly. The category page hung for a long time and then only loaded one of the posts. When I clicked through to the individual post page, it displayed only the featured image and post title.

The pages still loaded perfectly (fast and correct) when I was logged in as Admin.

I also found this error in my PHP error log:
Trying to get property of non-object in /home/kristasu/public_html/wp-content/plugins/patreon-connect/classes/patreon_frontend.php on line 883

Does that happen to shed any light?

That line gets the post’s id from the post object.

That code means that, in whatever page you are trying to display, the plugin is trying to get the id of that post, but it is not able to find any post.

In which page does this error appear?

Thank you the reply, please see my original post for the links where the error is occurring.

Both pages work fine when I am logged in but not when I am logged out.

These pages were working fine, and as far as I know, I did not install any new plug-ins since I had it working. Then, all of a sudden, the pages stopped loading.

Thank you so much for your assistance.

There is something on your site that causes that post id from being unable to be acquired. This should not happen on a stable WP site, and its unlikely to be related to PW the plugin. Its supposed to receive the post object from WordPress at that line, but WP is not sending the post object.

To confirm: When you deactivated all plugins including Patreon WordPress, does the page load fine?

When you enable only Patreon WordPress, does the issue happen?