How to edit the "Unlock with Patreon" screen?

I’m using Elementor with WordPress and just installed the Patreon plugin to create a Patreon feed page for blog posts. The blog roll PAGE works great, as does the individual blog POSTS, but the intermediate “locked” page where the plugin asks users to login loses the formatting and layout from my site but I cannot find where to edit these settings.

Technically, the url is showing the individual locked blog POST but it appears to be treating the Elementor layout of that page as part of the locked content… any way to work around this?

Here are screenshots showing the issue:

UPDATE: I’ve been able to get the Header to at least show up on the “locked” scren, which I suppose is better than nothing. But would still like to figure out how to get other page design elements to show…

As your content is gated over the_content filter, anything that is inside the post content (not the title) would get locked like this so it would protect your patron-only images and all that.

If you are using Patron Plugin Pro, you should be able to use the individual ‘Sneak Peek Before Locked Post’ feature in each post’s meta to add custom content that will be shown to non-patrons. If you c/p the elementor content from elementor editor to the editor of sneak peek in text mode, that may work.

Just a suggestion but this should be redesigned for better integration with Elementor, consider updating in future releases.