How to fetch Creator Account name from API?

Hi. I’ve been working with the Patreon API for a while now, but I can’t figure out how to fetch the name of the Creator Account rather than the real full name of the creator (full_name field in User entity). The closest I can get is the vanity url of the Campaign, but that’s formatted with lowercase and underscore, and can be null according to the Docs. Thanks!

This call may be what you are looking for:

@codebard thanks for the reply! This is one of the API calls I’ve tried, but none of these fields contain the Creator Account name (which is the “artist name” that you pick once you activate your creator account and which can be different from your real name). E.g. my creator account name is “Hannes Solo”, but that doesn’t show up in the JSON response. The closest are the following url related fields:


There’s also the “creation_name” but that contains the “type of content the creator is creating” which is also not what I’m looking for.

Give a try to this one then:

Using v2, [data][attributes][name] doesnt work?

I don’t see any name field in the JSON response, nor in the documentation (though there is full_name, first_name, last_name). What v2 endpoint/resource would you expect to see this attribute on?

Try the exact call in the example I gave you earlier. Also use a v2 token. with a v2 client.

I made sure to try again with a v2 token/client. But there is no name field being fetched in the example you gave above, only creation_name, first_name, full_name, last_name. None of these are what I am looking for.

the name of the Creator Account

What exactly is the name of the creator account that you are looking for?

Screenshot 2022-06-22 at 15.41.55

See screenshot. In this case the Creator Account name is “Hannes Solo”.

What I get back from the API is

creation_name: “a weekly guitar solo recording”
first_name: “Hannes”
last_name: [my real life last name]
full_name: [my real life first & last name]
vanity_url: “/hannes_solo”

Etc. But there don’t seem to be any fields returning “Hannes Solo”.