How to get creator name v patron name for an account that has both

In the instance where a Patreon account has a creator and patron profile with different names, the user data attached to the campaign defaults to the patron profile name and image. How do I pull the creator name and image?


Try getting the campaigns from the /identity endpoint by requesting campaign data. Or if you know the campaign id and have a campaign scoped token, just call the campaigns endpoint.

Hey codebard:

I am using the campaigns endpoint. The problem is if the user has both a creator and patron account, the campaigns endpoint pulls the patron profile image and name not their creator profile and image.

Is there something I’m overlooking here?

Thanks so much!

If you call the campaign endpoint the patron info would come. To get the creator info, call the /identity endpoint with the creator’s token while also requesting campaigns. (it must have identity in its scope).

Also you can call /campaigns endpoint without specifying a campaign id with the creator’s token to get campaign info.