How to request URI with email (or other) filter inside?

Hi, guys

Right now I’m writing a .net server that should stay between my game client and patreon api.
I am currently using the following URI: “[ID]/members?&fields[member]=full_name,email,patron_status,currently_entitled_amount_cents,last_charge_date” to gather all patrons data. It works, but with all many-years dead patrons and 20 results per mage it works like 5-10 minutes before is done. Okay, it is probably fine to make a base, but is ridiculously not good if I need to check 1 new user if he has account or not.

So I’m asking for some friendly help on how to add a filter to my URI - filtering by email (which is best), or at least by date pledged (filtering for 1-2 last days is better then nothing) or any other helpful filter

Did u think about webhooks?

I did (not tested yet), but I was somewhat confused by topics about webhooks at this forum, that states webhooks are not connected to money transaction and their data do not confirm / deny patron paying cash, instead they are fired when user (even fraud user, as far as I understand) subscribes. So I will be getting user email, but in order to check if user payed subscription or not I’ll still need to go over and check all patrons.

If all this is outdated info, may I ask you to clarify how it works in your case? Are webhooks solutions is enough to check online for new subscribed users and their tiers?

Yes, webhooks work, but they can’t function on their own (without a need to check patron’s update via API) - for example in the beginning of this month not all patron updates were delivered by webhooks