Installed but content access looping back to the allow screen

I followed all the steps and made sure everything is matching, but when a patron tries to access the following happens:

  1. They hit unlock button, it takes them to the Allow Screen.
    2, They accept it takes them back to the locked page and unlock button saying to refresh if you want to see the content.
  2. When you refresh it take you back to the Allow Screen
    Sometimes an API error will come up.

See Screenshot:

Thanks in advance for any help!

Same here. Waiting desperately for a solution or a way to debug and troubleshot this.

Okay, good to know I’m not the only one.

Seems like something happened at Patreon with the payments and now the API having errors. Hopefully this gets fixed soon. It’s a bummer for me because I finally get rolling on a plan and this roadblock kinda killed my timing on some internal plans.

Seems like something happened at Patreon with the payments and now the API having errors.

Indeed - timeout errors indicate that the plugin was not able to get a return from the Patreon API.

I think such occurrences are related to the work ongoing at Patreon regarding payments. Its not an issue with your site or the plugin.

That’s good to know! I spent a lot of time re-installing thinking I was the problem before landing in here.
It’s a cool plugin and feature so I hope they get it working soon!

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I’ve been having the same issue. Discovered the access tokens had changed again but had not updtated automatically on my website (with the latest version I thought they now should?). This has been a recurring issue ever since I started using the plugin about eight months ago. It is embarrassing to keep getting messages from supporters who can’t access what they paid for - and takes up precious time.

Is there anyway of knowing in advance when the access tokens will be changed by Patreon - so I can manually check my site has updated them ok?

It appears to be back working for me this morning.
But I’m reluctant to make this into an “official” thing on my Patreon if it continues to be buggy.

@VerticalVeg @djcoffman Were both your creator’s access token and creator’s refresh token expired? Or, only creator’s access token?

Have you ever updated your creator’s access and refresh tokens before? Or was this the first time you did that?

They were both expired- and I’ve had to update them both on several occasions for similar reasons.

They were both expired for more than once? Were you using plugin’s 1.2.0 version and higher when these happened?

Or, the times when they were both expired with an earlier version?

Both :slight_smile: with the old and a couple of times with the new plugin.

From 1.2.0 the plugin attempts to refresh the creator’s access token when it notices it is nearing expiry, but for some reason it seems to be failing at some sites.

I will look into this.

my Discourse forum is also linked to Patreon and that seemed to update with the new tokens ok.

I have been trying to get this plugin to work, but nothing I do helps. I get the same looping issue. It hasn’t worked for me at all since installing it and I’m at a loss. Nothing should be expired as this is upon install. Subscribers go to the content, click unlock and it wants them to choose a tier even if they are already subscribers. I am desperate for help! Pllleeeeaaaase!


Can you deactivate/delete what you have, and install and try with the upcoming 1.2.4 beta below?