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Hi friends,

My name’s Jeffrey and I’m an engineer on the Platform team currently working on our API and webhooks. Definitely looking forward to hearing all your cool use cases and feedback!



Hi there,

I’m a game developer, working with C++, JavaScript and other Web technologies.
My most recent game is I’m also working on other .io games currently, which will make use of Patreon.

Looking forward to seeing progress in this space!

iO Ninja


Hi, I’m Macdja38

I’m a developer at a company and in my spare time I work on a discord bot called PvPCraft .

I look forward to integrating patreon rewards for pledges directly into my discord bot.

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Love it. How will they make use of patreon? We’ve seen some really creative ways to integrate patronage data for online games, this is always delightful.


Welcome! I actually wish I knew more about discord bots. What’s one concrete use case to help me visualize how you’d use the API? I need to learn more here for sure.


Personally I’d be coming to the api with a discord id and looking to see what pledge teirs they have so I know what to enable / disable on my bot. Right now I could get that done by asking the user to connect their discord to their patreon, then having them login through oauth2, which would get me the patreon id < – > discord id link. Then I believe I could dump the pledge data and get the pledge < – > patreon id link. Using patreon webhooks I could then update the pledges as they occur. Their was a discussion about this with some other larger discord bot devs on the unofficial patreon api discord server you can find in one of the threads here.


I’ll have a “connect to Patreon” button, which allows the user to unlock extra features/rewards (depending on their pledge).


BTW I wanted to share a roundup of Wednesday’s launch with you all.

The official post many of you definitely saw.

Some press too! phew

Somehow got in top 10 on product hunt and more techie things like that as well :slight_smile:

Very happy to have you all here. We were talking this morning about how delighted we are that the community is this active so soon, and how much this is going to be helpful to new developers joining in the future. We also think there’s so many questions and ideas that don’t make sense as emails or support tickets and this is a great place for all of the discussion you’ve created on here!


Hello! I’m Colin aka LordHarvie. I developed the Patronizer (and extensions for After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign) to pull and filter lists of patrons to generate “name in credits” rewards.

I’ve been dabbling with the API for quite a while. Made the push this last month to finally get Patronizer ready for release… just in time for Adobe to update and break my extensions. So that was an adventure.

Working on some neat updates (now that it all works). Pretty excited for all this!


I gotta say, @LordHarvie’s name-in-credits plugins are some of my favorite examples of seeing what creators on Patreon were already doing manually and automating it :boom:



My name is Chris. I’m a product manager and UX/UI designer/dev and co-founder of Mutations Limited. Mutations Limited is a full stack software dev shop, and we have been working with Tal and others within Patreon to provide Creators with easy-to-use social media integrations.

Fun fact: 3/5 of us @ Mutations are musicians. So, we’re stoked to be involved in this community!



Hey all! I’m the founder and lead developer of Smack Jeeves Webcomic Hosting, where we provide hosting and publishing services for webcomics via our custom-built CMS.

We integrated with Patreon about a year ago, and our integration uses smart caching to minimize API requests (and thus, load times). Our platform allows comic creators to connect their Patreon campaign to their comic and offer early-access and bonus content to their readers based on their pre-existing pledge tiers.

I’m currently working on a self-serve advertising platform for web publishers with header bidding integration that should go live in the next two months.

Additionally, looking for some extra work, so if anyone is looking for a contractor to help with or fully execute their Patreon integration, please reach out. I’m NYC-based if you need on-site assistance.



Good to know if we get a request!


Hi everyone, Simon here :slight_smile:

I’m a senior engineer working on Bonjoro, a service which helps businesses onboard new customers through short video messages. We’re been integrating with Patreon since the real early days of their API, and we’re really excited about the current development and the future of the Patreon platform.


Bonjoro is an integration I really appreciate for bridging a need that serves both regular businesses/SaaS/etc. and creative membership businesses. It ties together the same language that both speak - activation, retention, aha moments, etc.

They started early on with one pioneering creator - Nate Maingard - and developed the use case from there.


Hello new friends. I’m Chris and I work on the Patronizer team with @LordHarvie as a debugger. I try to identify holes in our platform, provide tech support, and bring egos down when @tal flatters us too much.

I’m real excited to see the stuff people are working on and I’m happy to help with debugging on projects using the Patreon API. :male_detective:


Hello Peeps!
I’m an Eng Manager at Patreon (and an engineer myself). I’m learning so much by reading your questions and thoughts. Really cool to see the platform taking shape. Nice to meet you all!



I’m an engineer at Discourse, the awesome online forum software that Patreon use here.

I spent a lot of time in 2016 trying to figure out Patreon API, that had a very sparse documentation at the time to create:

Today we have many communities using it, and hope to have many more in the future.

As a Patron myself, I mostly tip Dota 2 content creators!


Hello everyone. My name’s Tom, but you may know me as Graphtreon Guy.

I’ve been running Graphtreon since March 2015. I’ve been really excited about the growth of Patreon itself as well as Graphtreon. If anyone has questions about Graphtreon, don’t hesitate to ask. I’d even be willing to do an AMA in the near future if people were interested.


Welcome Tom!!! Good to have you here :slight_smile: