Introduce Yourself (Reply to this)


Hi there! My name is Tal and I’m a product manager on the Growth & Platform team at Patreon.

Before Patreon, I worked on open-source developer growth for DuckDuckGo, at, and was founding engineer at Ecquire.

I’m super interested in this community’s thoughts, feedback (positive and brutal), and ideas for our roadmap.

Fun fact: At Starbucks I say my name is Tom.

PS You can read about the inner workings of Patreon teams at - our team writes here quite a bit.


Hello! My name is Christine and I’m on the marketing team at Patreon.

I can’t wait to see all of the exciting apps that are built for Patreon creators to run their membership businesses!

Fun fact: I have a Patreon page. You can check it out here:


Hey there!

My name’s Nick and I do support and developer relations for the Platform team at Patreon. If you need help using our platform there’s a good chance you’ll talk to me!

Before Patreon, I worked on strategic integrations for Zendesk. If you’ve used the JIRA or Salesforce integrations you may be using some of my features!

I’m interested in creating awesome developer relationships so we can ensure you are getting the best help possible and that we’re getting the right feedback to improve our platform as it grows!

Fun fact: If I wasn’t working at Patreon I’d be pursuing a career in eSports!


Hi all!

Im Ozgur, and I am a long time full stack developer on LAMP platform. I work with ecommerce applications, ecommerce scaling, API integrations, custom LAMP apps and WordPress platform. I have some plugins listed in WP repo.

Im the author of the Patron Plugin Pro WordPress plugin that brings a host of added functionality to official Patreon WordPress plugin available at . It integrates with my existing Patreon Widgets plugin in WP repo and official plugin and enhances both. The plugin is a premium plugin (WordPress software subscriptions model) and i hope it will fund its own development into the future.

The plugin aims to make it easy for non-technical users to take advantage of Patreon api… Like the 20 something fresh-off-college painter somewhere in NY, or the 60+ year old non-technical banjo player somewhere in Oregon or ~30 year freelance art photographer in somewhere in London or teenage anime blogger somewhere in Tokyo. You get the idea.

Looking forward to benefiting from, and contributing to the community!


Hey Folks!

My name is Derek or (drk). I’m an engineering manager for the frontend team at Patreon and have been here for a little over 2 years.

So excited to see what you all build with our platform to help get creators paid!!



I’m Shawn and I work as an engineer on the platform team at Patreon. I work on building features for patreon developers!

Fun Fact: I’m really into competitive smash 4. You might be able to catch me on twitch sometime repping Bowser!


Hi all! I’m Attila and I’m working on Songsling, a tool for creators to interactivize their work based on overall online feedback. Excited to integrate Patreon. For more info on the project, check this interview.


Hi Everybody. My name is Bright and I recently joined Patreon’s partnerships team. I’m excited about working with developers to make great things for creators! I’m behind the alias Partnerships [at] patreon [dot] com. Let me know how I can help!



Hello world!

My name is Anthony Privitelli or (Tony). I’m a product manager at Patreon and I’ve been working here for just about 4 years.

I’m excited to learn from everyone here, see what exciting things get built, and listen (read) to everyone’s feedback!



Hey Attila - Cool landing page for Songsling and idea for tracking feedback from different social channels to affect your art. When you’re ready for a new BFF we’d be happy to connect on your ideas for how Songsling and Patreon can work together.


Hi everyone!

I’m Dries, I’ve been a Minecraft modder for quite some time and I’m currently actively working on adding Patreon support to version 3 of my Subscriber-Only Minecraft server mod.


Hello all.

My name is Rob.

I am the developer and primary creator at, a gaming news and review site for aspiring game journalists to come together and share their passion for gaming. Rather than use a banner ad revenue system we chose to put Patreon at the very center of our business plan so that our followers could support the content creators they preferred best.

I am looking forward to seeing how I can further integrate Patreon directly into our site using this API.


Hey Dries! Excited to hear about the Subscriber-Only Minecraft server mod. Let us know if you have any questions as you’re navigating patreon’s documentation or API.



I’m compiling a list of feedback :slight_smile:



I’m Seri and I’m creating, a site for World of Warcraft players to get answers to common questions about their character. Behind the scenes, it’s running SimulationCraft, a pretty amazing piece of open source software that simulates the game to determine statistically significant data about all kinds of stuff.

I’m a heavy user of the Patreon API, OAuth, and webhooks - patrons for the project get access to higher level rewards that enables them to do more on the site and when using the Discord bot connected to the site.

Looking forward to talking more about the API and hoping to see some more data become available to make my life easier - maybe also help some other folks with some of the subtleties of the data available and what you can do with it.


Hey Rob, I checked out and it looks great, especially since there are no ads! Hopefully some of the tools in our newly released app directory can help you take gamelust to the next level. Don’t hesitate to reach out with questions.



Hey Seri, great to see some external Patreon experts on this forum. Love that you’ve already built something cool and are willing to help.



Hey Seri!

Big fan of raidbots! We use the simbot in my guilds Discord server. Definitely appreciate not having to use SimCraft constantly!

Looking forward to seeing what awesome things you do with the platform!


Hi folks,

I’ve been a Patreon creator since 2013, posting guitar videos. My day job is building Soundslice, a platform for interactive sheet music — which in fact I use as a pledge reward for my patrons (“get the sheet music/tablature for my guitar arrangements;” see example transcription here).

Separately, I’m a longtime web developer and co-created the Django web framework.

I’m interested in the Patreon API because I know several musicians are in the same boat as me — offering sheet music/transcriptions as rewards — and a Soundslice integration could be quite useful. I’d certainly use it for my own patrons! :slight_smile:



Heck yes! Such a natural reward and such a cool use case. And Django? Yah, I’ve heard of it… suppressing fandom shrieking

Excited to have you on (literally) day one of this community.