Some general suggestions

Hey guys, first post. I noticed a couple of things while navigating through Patreon as a creator and I think they could be adressed.

The first one is that unless have a fan base or a lot of friends who can share your Patreon, you’re going to have a hard time starting. I’m not saying to overhaul the entire system, but the ability to browse more than just the top pages on each category would certainly help, maybe even a button with “show me random creators” or the like.

Second comes on editing your creator page, the line that says “what are you creating?” allows a limited amount of characters to be shown, but doesn’t details that amount, and let’s you keep writing after that critical point has been reached. Trial and error does the trick, but it was a bit confusing in the beginning.

Third is that I found the contact page through google, and in my opinion it should be readily accessible from the main site, a simple link on the bottom should suffice.

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Hey @Faca202!

Nick here from the Patreon platform team, I hope your day’s going well!

Thanks a ton for the suggestions and feedback, I’ll relay them to the appropriate teams here.

If you have any other feedback or questions, feel free to send us a note at

Just to follow up with some general suggestions:

  1. As my list of posts grow (How I put out new short stories) It would be GREAT to have a “folder” system/expandable tree across the bottom of the screen that let’s a Patron quickly pop into grouped posts to look them over. I know “Tagging” is one way, but being able to have folders to park posts (like a serial story put out over months) would let NEW patrons progress through things they missed and find things of interest, rather than looking at things by date. We would “add” the post to an existing folder AND the feed.

  2. Creator PRE APPROVAL for any new patrons. I know we are supposed to be happy with ANY new patron, but we do have Trolls that follow us across social media, and spending a buck to ransack our work, make comments, and continue their merry reign of stalking , could be alleviated if we could check a box and allow us to Look the patron over before they are onboard. We could then BLOCK them, reject them or welcome them early on in the process before any “damage” is done to our feed…

Thanks @BikerNerd! I will pass those suggestions on to the team.