"Memberships" tab instead of "Overview" tab by default now?

Dear friends, few hours ago I’ve found that any Patreon creator’s link like https://www.patreon.com/any_username now shows “Overview” tab instead of “Memberships” tab by default. This makes me worried, let me explain why.

A lot of people does not like to see any kind of direct offer to buy something without overviewing stuff. Of course, Patreon is that platform where people produce commercial stuff but, also it’s not a problem to click on “Overview” tab to find out who creator is and what he is produced. But unfortunately most people will not do that. Anyone who will open Patreon at very first time will see big black digits with dollar signs and direct offering to become supporter now. I think in most cases there will be negative perception of creator and probably about overall Patreon too, probably visitor will close Patreon page instantly without trying to click on other tabs.

On the other hand, “Overview” tab is a face of every creator. It contains all information, it introduces all wealth of Creator’s stuff and makes the best advertisement for sure, but much more polite I think. Page visitor will be interested, he will read information and will decide about supporting this Creator, and it’s very easy to find “Rewards” column there.

Being Patreon Creator for few years, I can tell your platform is the best I ever knew. But I would ask you to discuss this question, maybe it is possible to return “Overview” tab by default, please? Or can you add an ability to choose prefer tab by default for direct URL https://www.patreon.com/any_username via settings?

Very hope for your reply, dear friends.

Hi there @DelKon, Evan here from the Patreon team.

The forums here are more geared towards providing developers with support using the Patreon API and integrations. This looks like it may be a question better suited for our Community Happiness team. I’d recommend sending them a note at https://www.patreon.com/faq, they’ll appreciate your feedback.

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Thank you! I’ll try to do so.