Patreon url redirects to membership tab

Hi, I’ve tried going to my url on both my PC and Safari on my iphone. When I go to the url, it redirects me to the “Memberships” tab. I don’t want potential patrons to think that I linked them directly to the membership tab (and thinking I assumed that they want a membership.) I just want it to link to the overview like it should. Here is my link:


Yes. This is incredibly irritating. Is there a way it can be changed? Or can we at least be given an option somewhere in the settings as to where our Patreon URL redirects to? Having it redirect to the membership tab makes us creatives look pushy. I would much rather it redirect to the overview page like it’s supposed to.

It seems weird that Patreon tells us to put a lot of work into the splash page (intro video / introduction), but then Patreon automatically shows a different page to first timers. I’d like to see an option for this in the settings as well.

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I believe this has now been fixed? I tried looking at my Patreon on a few devices and it seems to be directing to the overview again. Much better since now I don’t look like a money grubber.

If this is fixed, then thanks very much @system @jeffrey :slight_smile: