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Hello everyone, my name is Sarah and I work with a small group called Green Meteor as for what we do, we create themes & modules for a Social Network kit called HumHub, of late we’ve been working on a Patreon module, and ended up helping out Patreon find a small bug within the widget button, which I’m glad is now fixed, hopefully more great features will be added so that we can continue evolving our work with Patreon in the future.


Thank you @Felli! Much appreciated for that help.


Hi! I am Chris Critton Jr. I am a fan of an artist named Tekuho and the animations of Tammy which are both awesome and amazing. But I have accidentally deleted my Patreon account by mistake and I can never get back on it again. And I just need help getting my Patreon account reset so I can get back to them. Will you please help me?:sob::cry::sob::cry::pray::broken_heart:


pleaes help when Patreon creator account is complete currently under review I can’t use patreon for post it


Ahmad Shahzad here!
I am a Web Novel Translator!


INteresting. the developer forum is the same as the support forum. Hi! I thought i was lost, but im not.


Hello Everyone!
I’m a fairly new Patreon Creator, and I support a couple of other creators on Patreon. I’m going to be requesting help with an error I’m getting related to settings within my WordPress website, so I’m off to do that in the proper area.

I’m Dianne Daniels, by the way - nice to be here!


Hi there, my name is Neil and I’m the newest product manager on the Platform team at Patreon.

Before Patreon, I worked on Dropbox Paper for several years.

Really excited to work closely with this community and hear your feedback on how we can make the product and developer experience better over time.


I’m PlanetKiller when online. I’m going to be making some games and comics soon. Trying to get the API to work so I can credit supporters in my game. Mainly, I use the Godot game engine and either Krita or Gimp for art. The game I’m making is Adventures’ EDGE on


Hello! I’m VolatileCarbon.

I’m an 2D animator and artist, but also a developer. Lately I’ve been working on something called Volatile to make it easier to manage and deliver Patreon rewards to patrons. You can check it out here:

Here’s a screenshot as well:

Right now rewards are created and delivered via a Windows app, but I’m working on enabling some features via the web as well. Would love to get some feedback on it if anyone ever has the time to check it out.

Looking forward to helping Patreon improve and helping other developers when I can!



Sup guys. My name is Nico (At Starbucks I say my name is Emmanuel Goldstein, nevermind) and I working strong for improve our and yours security and anonymity in the damn unsafe modern Internet. Most time working with C/C++, Go and PHP. I’m completely unskilled in frontends (JS), design and other things like this. Hard and strong system coding only. I know something about networks, encryption, security and deep web. :slight_smile: Anyway Im happy to be among u guys, i hope we can be helpfully each other.


Greetings. We’ve been working on getting our steganography plugin working with Patreon’s API in order to stamp images for piracy tracking and leak plugging. Our old steg method has been live and working for a while, and we’re putting the finishing touches on a new system.