Is restricting included resources supported in v2?

I’m writing a small library for the API in Typescript and wondering if the following features are intented to work in v2 of the API, from API Reference

  • json-api-include-defaults parameter: currently getting a 400 response for being unsupported
  • setting include=null or include=faz.null: currently getting a 400 response for faz.null and include=null seems to have no effect

Would prefer if the topics related to only V1 would get the prefix of the sidebar like for V2 in the documentation, now it seems like all these topics are for both versions

No need to include anything if you dont want anything. Just call the endpoint without any include= param. And youll get the minimum amount of resourcs back.

Thank you for the quick response. That makes sense, just was not sure if it is also useful for v2.

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