Is there a way to lock the featured image?

I’m a comic creator so a lot of my Patreon content is images. Right now when posts are importing it is setting the first image in the post as the featured image - which is what I want because that makes it easier for Patrons to navigate through posts. However, those featured images are visible to anyone, even if they aren’t Patrons–which sorta defeats the purpose. Is there a way to get the featured image to show up as the image “Custom call to action banner.” when Patrons aren’t logged in?

(my current theme is Astra if that helps at all.)

Custom call to action banner in the free plugin is used for all posts. So it cannot be used for individual posts and their images.

You can use the image locking feature of the plugins to gate your image. But be aware that that feature requires a decent web host with good performance.