Just a few questions

  1. Are the Patreon User accounts actually being synced between Patreon and Wordpress? … in other words, if a user stops pledging or changes their pledge level, I assume that update will automatically sync and prevent or grant the appropriate access? … Also see the related question 2 …

  2. The description says, “Plugin will automatically log in Patreon users” … So once it is installed and connected to my Patreon account, it will begin to Sync the user account data automatically, and they will login with standard WP Login because they are now in the WP user database? … Or does the plugin actually login them in because it has a connection to Patreon and gets their data from there?

  3. The description says, “Import your existing Patreon posts, with Video and images” … So I can assume that attachments also sync with the posts? … like for example a PDF or ZIP file?


1 - Yes, PW will allow proper access to qualified content automatically. You dont need to do anything.

2 - Plugin will not automatically sync all your users in. Just when a user logs into your site or unlocks a content via Patreon, that user is synced. This keeps it efficient. For users who dont have a WP account, the plugin creates a WP account and logs them in and connects it to their Patreon. For users who already have a WP account, it logs them into those accounts and links those accounts with their Patreon.

3 - Attachments currently dont sync due to API not returning their information. But videos in your posts (embeds) should be synced.

THX for the details!

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