Users sync to WP

I am wondering if with this pluggin, I can sync the users to the WP too.
It’s this even possible?

Yes, the plugin syncs the user and his/her patronage info. But to save resources, it does that only when a patron logs into your site via Patreon. It does not sync users who never logged into your site.

If you wish, you could use the plugin’s functions to do a cron to sync your users to your site. But it may not be so efficient in that you will be syncing users who never may log into your site.

Hum…I want to replicate all existing users in patreon in my site without need to sing up by themselves.
This is for marketing purpouses, and I want to avoid the step of sign up in my site. I want everyone has already created their account in WP through Patreon.

I have Enable strict oAuthoff, do you mean this?

No, strict oauth option wont effect any such result The plugin does not automatically sync in your users in any way.

Also note that users dont need to sign up at your site. They just click ‘Unlock with Patreon’ or ‘Login with Patreon’, they click ‘Allow’ at Patreon, and they are logged into your site automatically. There is no manual signup during that process.