Link is broken due to extra parameters in the url Patretron 404 error

the part where it says, "to view this content, you must be a member of xxx patreon at “level” or higher tier.

The part where it says “xxx patreon” the link sends it off to a 404 page error

It seems something with this in the url ?

is causing the issue.

Cant reproduce this on a test install. Can you DM me the link to the page where this occurs?

It seems since you haven created a vanity profile name, a vanity url is not being created for you by Patreon, leading to your profile url being

This leads to two ?s as the utm params appended and creates 404.

This is a bug and will be addressed in the next release. Until then, if you update your Patreon profile to have a vanity nickname, this issue will likely go away.

This was fixed with 1.3.3. You can just update to 1.3.3 from your WP admin. Please remember to refresh your site cache after updating in case you are using caching plugins.