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Hi, I got a message from a Patreon on my blog who get’s a 404 when she tries to read my posts. Where is it likely the issue comes from?

WP 6.5.3 with PHP 8.2.18
Patreon WordPress 1.8.8 with API v2

Make sure that ‘Pretty Permalinks’ is set to on in your WP admin → Settings → Permalinks.

Yes, seems like it’s still a problem though.

That’s pretty odd. There isnt anything in the plugin or how Patreon api works that could cause a 404 at your site. Do you have any security plugin? Try disabling it before testing an url yourself and see if anything changes.

You can create a new Patreon account with a different email but the same payment info and use it to pledge yourself from a tier like $1 tier etc to test your site.