Oauth File Not Found

Iโ€™m trying to create a second Patreon Wordpress install for a different patreon and I am logged into that one and did everything I needed to, but it reaches the page on authorizing the oauth and returns with: File not found. :confused:
WP 5.6.1 with PHP 7.4.14
Patreon WordPress 1.7.1 with API v2

You probably didnt turn on pretty permalinks at your WP site settings. Plugin requires that.

Which one is pretty? :smiley: I have it on custom structure at the moment, year, month, day, postname.

FIGURED IT OUT! THANK you so much! This was a headache all morning, but itโ€™s all fixed and loaded properly.

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Any pretty permalink choice would do. Basically anything other than ?post_id=X.

Most common would be post name.