404 Error When Trying to Unlock Post /patreon-flow/


I have wordpress website with premium theme which (I suppose) uses Ajax Loading method. Please bear with me since I’m not a developer myself rather an end customer.

When I view a post locked with Patreon, it places a button below the post to direct the user to become a patron to be able to see the content.

But when I click it,
the content pane (content of the post) directs to 404 error. As far as I could catch during the process, it tries to retrieve a link something like, www.mydomain.com/patreon-flow/?=post_name , which, falls into 404 error without success.

Strange thing is, when I press once or twice the back button, it displays the Patreon Join page related to my patreon account.

What is the reason of this error and what can I do to resolve this?

I’m ussing “post-name” permalink which supposed to work with this plugin. Not a custom perma. And after doing clean install of the plugin I double checked it and pressed “save” button on permalinks page to make sure it is saved this way.

Any ideas? I’d really love to integrate this functionality on my web site, yet, couldn’t find any similar reports except 1 or 2, which, eventually didn’t solve my problem.

Thank you all,

You can check if pretty permalinks are set. It should be anything but ?id= type of permalinks. Health check section in your Patreon Settings menu in WP admin should warn if that is so.

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First of all thanks for the response!
Although I have mentioned that I’m using pretty permalinks in the form of “/post-name” I rechecked it to make sure. It is set so.

The health section indicates that everything is great!? Probably minimum system requirements-wise. Because when I checked the most bottom panel there are some reports like these ->

Your site is using:

WP 5.5.1 with PHP 7.4.10
Patreon WordPress 1.6.8 with API v2

fetch_creator_info - API v2 Class - UUID some alphanumeric characters here - Response code: 401 Response :{“errors”:[{“code”:1,“code_name”:“Unauthorized”,“detail”:“The server could not verify that you are authorized to access the URL requested. You either supplied the wrong credentials (e.g. a bad password), or your browser doesn’t understand how to supply the credentials required.”,“id”:“some alphanumeric ID number here in original message”,“status”:“401”,“title”:“Unauthorized”}]}

I have played around with direct access / List Index settings on my server just to prevent,

  1. Hotlinking to files like mp3, jpg and so…
  2. Directory list indexing of such directories like (/wp-uploads… etc)

And these settings work as expected without problem.
Can it be about these settings? If yes, then how can I make sure I still have the above protection bu at the same time letting the Patreon WP runs smoothly?

Another thing, I’m not really good at all about server side things. Is this something related to a redirect problem?
Because as I’ve mentioned before, if I press the back button 1-2 times after getting 404 Error, the browser renders/loads a Patreon page where it says something like “become redwhitesound’s patron”. But first click of the button always gives 404 Error prior to that.

Thank you a lot!

EDIT: I should mention that I tried several fresh installs of the plugin with matching tokens and etc.

If the plugin is not able to fetch creator info as seen in connection log, site’s connection to WP may have been disrupted for some reason. In that case applying the below guide will force reset it:

You can try applying that and see if this changes anything.