"Not Found" while using the Setup Wizard

Hey. I can´t setup up the wordpress connection to patreon.

The Setup Wizard loads a side on my domain called /patreon-authorization/?code=…
that doesn´t exists on my domain. I created a client on patreon and took the clientid, clientsecret and both of the tokens, and pasted into the fields where it belong but i got ne same result.

How can I make this work?

Thank you for answering

You have to be using pretty permalinks for the integration to work. You can check it at ‘Health check’ in Patreon Settings menu at your site. Itll help you fix it as well.

Changing to pretty permalinks changes your urls by the way.

Thanks for reply. the health check said erverthing is fine but your right withe the permalinks. i will do it and we´ll see :wink:

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