Wordpress connection issues

I am getting this error on my admin screen and not sure what is causing it -

Patreon WordPress wasn’t able to contact Patreon with the app details you provided. This may be because there is an error in the app details, or because there is something preventing proper connectivity in between your site/server and Patreon API. You can get help by visiting our support forum

Have you set it up via the setup wizard, or manually by creating a client?

I am also having a similar issue like the person above. I’ve been using the plugin without issue until yesterday when i noticed the access token was different on my site. So i tried updating it and now its giving the description above. Any idea why this is happening when it was working just fine before?

Likewise: Have you set the plugin up via setup wizard that kicks in after you activate the plugin when you first installed it?

I manually set up the plugin and tried the setup wizard just now, it’s the same deal. It’s just not connecting with the authorization server

There was a hiccup at Patreon API, causing integrations in general to experience issues.

This issue should be gone now. You can try setting up your plugin just normally.