"Locked" images visible to everyone, please help

Images set to “locked” are perfectly visible to logged-out viewers. This used to work, and I have no idea when or why it stopped – I just noticed today, but who knows how long it’s been a problem.

Example post, where a $5-and-up image is the attached media:

When the whole post is locked, the content in the body of the post is successfully hidden. Example:

But I can’t get individual images to hide. And it’s a comic, so the images are…kind of the whole selling point.

Plugin info:

WP 5.8.1 with PHP 7.4.25
Patreon WordPress 1.7.9 with API v2

I force-reconnected earlier today – no help. I’ve re-saved the settings on the Permalinks page several times, too.

The rules from this forum thread are in .htaccess, I double-checked:

Those were also the rules in the file when it did work, so it’s not like it’s the wrong set of rules for my server setup.

And with that, I’m all out of troubleshooting steps to try. What now?

.htaccess in your WP site may have changed. Going to Permalinks menu in WP admin, then clicking ‘save’ without changing anything may help. .htaccess may change server-side without you knowing about it too.

Also, if you use caching (Cloudflare etc) that would prevent image locking.

Again, I tried the Permalinks trick multiple times already.

But I disabled my host’s built-in static caching (the site already didn’t have any external services like Cloudflare enabled), and it looks like that fixed it.

…even though, according to a support comment on this post, “Rules [in .htaccess] related to redirect, rewrites, which are not static content, will still work.” Good job, guys. Real reliable customer service there :expressionless:

Thank you for the help!

Well, yeah, unfortunately hosts may do aggressive caching to reduce load on servers. So it happens.