Logging into the creator's website and denied when a patron to campaign

I’m developing a (PHP) login for the Creator’s website via the API. I am also a pledge to their campaign (was successfully billed again yesterday). When I try to log in, I’m able to get all the member ID’s for the campaign. I am also able to get my pledge member ID. However, it’s not one of the campaign member ID’s I gathered previously. It was working fine a week ago and stopped all of a sudden. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Creator’s campaign ID: 2325379
My patron ID: 17565561
My pledge member ID: a16bae33-a793-4a3b-9f2c-3bb248de9b05

I figured out my issue. I wasn’t getting the full list of members like I initially thought. Results from the API stopped at 20 when I have more members than that. Now I have code in place to get the next page of results if there are any.