My Blog Login Pop Up

From the Wordpress site, if I click on the login or join patreon button, then it asks me to login to patreon, once I login, it pops up a message that say ‘My blog would like to’ with the Patreon logo up top. Screen shot attached.

How Do I stop this from occurring or rename the ‘My Blog’ piece. The website’s name is not named My Blog. Can this page be customized?

That is not something you can or should prevent since it is not only a technological necessity to actually have your users log in to your site via Patreon, but also it is legally necessary to ask for those permissions.

I am not asking for them to not log in, of course they have to be logged in.

I don’t want it to be called ‘My Blog.’ Since it is NOT a blog that is asking permissions. Where can I modify this pop up? Is it coming from the Plug-in or from Wordpress?

It comes from Patreon api. The reason it says ‘My Blog’ is that your WP site is probably titled ‘My Blog’.

As stated in my original post, The site name has been changed and it did not effect this piece. I need a real answer on this from someone.

The actual answer is that that field is posted to Patreon api from your WP site by the plugin and it cant be modified Patreon-side.

There can be two possibilities:

  • You can disconnect your site from Patreon, then re-connect it to have Patreon update the app name at Patreon. This would work if you have changed your site name after you connected your site to Patreon.

  • If your host uses opcache or similar server side caching plugins, these may cache PHP code an unspecified amount of time, and that may cause odd behavior with your site still keeping old values of things in places.