Only available with WordPress Business Tier?

So the PlugIn is described as being free and supported entirely by Patreon, but in order to activate it, I need to have the WordPress business package and not the Free variant… thus making the PlugIn not free by default.

Unless I’m missing something here, I can’t use this PlugIn when its usage would be a huge part of my Patreon support system and I was led to believe that I could install and utilise it without any special package. is just a WordPress host. You can choose any other Wordpress host, or even a normal shared hosting account and install wordpress.

A $5 /month hosting account in any major provider like bluehost, siteground, godaddy etc would do.

I see.

So it’s as I thought, I can’t utilise the PlugIn without paying money which does not make the PlugIn free to use. That’s disappointing to hear.

Plugin is free for use like any other free plugin - however the hosting costs of your own website pertains to your website - we cant do anything about that.

When you want to use your own domain name with a website, you end up having to get a proper hosting account with a monthly free in any case. Free hosting rarely comes with the ability to use your own domain name.

A $4-$5 /month hosting account at a reputable provider is a minimum commitment, and it would allow you to install any theme or plugin you want, including Patreon WordPress.