Installation Trouble - very basic

Greetings Code Bard,

For starters, please bear with me in tronz-speak and imagine you’re talking to someone whose computer literacy peaked in the late 90s. I’ve been building my WordPress & Patreon sites separately & very basically for some years, and i’m trying to bring them together with this wizardly plugin. If it works, it would be awesome & exactly what i need!

Could you perchance help me with very simple, spelled-out installation steps? (My apologies if this is posted elsewhere, but i did try following the OG instructions on the patreon plug-in info page, as well as this advice page.) So far, following the installation instructions has led to nothing. I just have a zipped folder in my downloads i can unzip and search through endless folders, but nothing else happens when i unzip it. Is there something i’m missing?

Or… do i have to upgrade my WP site to “business” in order to install the patreon plug-in? That’s the only other thing i can think of… that would mean the plug-in is free, but it requires me paying WP $300 to get access?

Your help would be gratefully received. Many thanks!


Hi Pip

I believe you would need to upgrade to business plan at to be able to install plugins.

Alternatively you can move your site to another web host (a normal web host or a wordpress host) and then be able to install plugins. The cheapest entry account like Lunarpage’s basic linux hosting can do. You can first talk to their support (chat or email i believe) and explain your needs before purchasing a plan as well.

If you would like to go even cheaper, there are hosts like Dreamhost

Again, the cheapest would do.

When you have a host where you can install plugins, you can follow the following temporary guide to install the plugin:

This is actually more complicated than we would like it to be and we will be rolling out a setup wizard that will help simplify this process greatly. This will happen within a month or so. Until then the above document can help you get started.

Also of course, the forum here is a good place to ask your questions.

Radness, thanks so much. I’ll check out Dreamhost & others… If the set-up wizard happens soon, i would love to hear about it! I’m planning to launch all this in a couple weeks, and wow it would make such a difference to have an easier time with the tronzing of things. The creative project itself is enough to be in charge of. ISO millenial mule team. Let me know if you see a rogue one wandering aimlessly in need of a chariot & friend.

Many thanks for your help!

When you sort out your host, you can just install using the guide i posted earlier. Setup wizard is just going to make it shorter and easier for non technical users. As someone who is able to deal with web hosts, setting up and moving sites etc, you should have no problem installing the plugin as it is.

Greetings, Bard!

Still working out the migration to Dreampress… In the meantime, i have another question about the plugin pro. (This might be better suited to a new thread, so let me know if you’d rather i do that.)

I have a pretty specific customization need for the revamp i’m doing on my patreon page. If you can help me set this up, it would be awesome:

I’m installing the Plugin Pro so i can link my Patreon page into a storyboard i’ve been building in WP with a choose-your-own-adventure type format, where patrons can opt into one or more character’s storylines and follow the threads individually. The way i want to do it is to have specific storylines (blog pages within WP) be unlocked content for patrons who choose that character. So far so good?

What i would love to do, for tiers, is set it up so that patrons can choose the number of characters they follow. So $1 patrons follow one character of their choice (their choice, not mine) and $2 patrons follow 2 characters, and so on (up to 9 characters) but the unlocking is designated by the characters THEY choose. Does that make sense? So it’s not like i have a $4 character and a $7 character. If they pay $4, they get access to 4 different characters of their choice.

This is the vision, and it would be RAD AF if this is a workable customization on the plugin pro! If it requires some extra code work of some sort over here, let me know.

(Alternatively, i could set it up so that each character is available at a higher $ tier, but that kinda sucks… makes it so the characters have some sort of weird built-in hierarchy, feels unnecessarily complicated.)

Thanks so much for your excellent support in tronzland! Hooray & Happy Spring.


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Despite the idea you have is pretty nifty, the format you describe requires considerable coding and could not be immediately implemented by either the free or the pro plugin.

Thanks for getting right back to me, much appreciated. Hmmm, wondering how to go about this. If it’s possible. Is that considerable coding something you’d be willing to work with me on, if i get some tronz-fluent helpers on my team?

If you can create a detailed specification for what you want and contact me through ( next week, i should be able to look into this and give you an estimate.

Thanks, Bard! I’ll get it to you next week. Much appreciation ~PiP

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Hey there,

Sorry it’s taking me some time to get you the specifications. Having some reconfigurations on my end, but hopefully will get an email to you early next week. Thanks a bunch for the help!


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Hey Ozgur,

Here’s the c/p one more time… Let me know if it comes through!