Installation advice

I’m having trouble getting the plugin to work (not at all user-friendly). In attempting to create a client, first it simply said error (without indicating which field), then said there was a domain error (perhaps because I’m using the plugin on a subdomain - I’m also offered API 1 or 2, with no indication what the difference is.

Is there a step-by-step Installation for Dummies somewhere?

We are working on a setup wizard which will make it extremely easy to integrate without needing to go through any of these.

Until then, the below document can help you:

Other than that:

  • You can choose API v1 - that will just work.
  • If you got any errors regarding domain or urls, check and confirm if you are using the proper redirect uri that shows in your plugin settings. It should be exact match with what you put in the client settings
  • For the ‘domain’ field in client settings, put the exact subdomain you are using.