Does this plugin work for

Edit: I’ve just tested this plugin on a different host from and it worked perfectly. So here’s my question, does this work for the .com version or just

(Post locking won’t work without Creator ID. Please confirm you have it here)

I don’t get it what I’m doing wrong. I’ve managed to get the: Client ID / Client Secret / Access Token / Refresh Token just fine by creating my Client ID on the link and everything and filling it on the plugin’s setting.

Just doesn’t work though when i go to make a locked post/page.

Is there something I’m missing here or can someone guide me in the right direction?
I’ve contacted Wordpress staff and they can’t understand what’s wrong either.

There doesnt seem to be an issue on the test location at where we test the plugin for related stuff:

However this seems to be a recurring situation judging from the recent threads. I will test whether anything is wrong with the plugin’s acquisition of creator id from the API and see if there is something to fix.

I’ll update this thread in a few days.

Does this situation still persist?

Like other users who have been advised the same:

Please delete the existing Patreon WordPress on your site (deactivate first), then upload and activate the below package with oauth error reporting and see if it sheds any light on this issue by showing an error:

Similarly: API’s cloudflare settings were just readjusted by Patreon. Please check it out and see if you can reproduce the cloudflare-block.


There were changes made at CloudFlare to address this issue just today.

Please try to reproduce the issue and let us know if it occurs, or if you are not able to reproduce it at all. Any input is appreciated.

I have already transferred my domain to so can’t check anymore

This affected all installations, at or outside