WP Plugin asking for creator ID

Hi, in the “Patreon Level” window I see the text “Post locking won’t work without Creator ID. Please confirm you have it here”

When I check my settings, though, the creator ID is right there and all the settings are as they always have been. Can you help me fix? Thanks!

Which version of the plugin you are using?

Whatever the latest version is.

sorry for that short answer, I just looked it up. It’s version 1.1.2

Where are you hosting your WP site?


the site is mikeypod.com if you need it

Checking out if any of your API credentials/tokens is expired, and even if not, just copy/pasting the credentials again and saving them may provide some pointers.

I refreshed token and copied and pasted everything back into the plugin on Patreon and that did the trick. Thanks!

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