Post locking won't work without Creator ID

I am using 1.2.0 of Patreon Wordpress. I have the older version deleted from wordpress, I have all codebard plugins also removed.

My tokens are up to date and they match the API info on Patreon’s site.

Several users cannot access content. When i go to create new content, the right side post area where you’d specify the amount for the tier... is not allowing me to type anything. Above the field it says " Post locking won’t work without Creator ID. Please confirm you have it here. When I click here, it of course takes me to my Patreon plugin settings and again, they all match. I don’t have image locking enabled btw. Enable strict oAuth is off and my site is not entire site locked down.

I even tried deleting my original api and recreating a new api, then changing all the info so the plugin matched. Still, the area where you’d specify things does not allow typing etc and again, thinks I do not have a creator ID even though, it was all working before. The first week with the beta, it worked fine. Not sure what changed or happened… any possibles?

thanks in advance guys!

Yes, there is a bug with creator id acquisition in 1.2.0, which will have been fixed and posted in a new package tomorrow.

Please try the updated package below:

Thank you! That fixed the issue!

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