Patreon integration with Streamlabs OBS

Streamlabs allows to integrate my Patreon account with their platform, by allowing me to connect my Patreon account. The problem is - I tried myself and with Streamlabs devs to solve the problem of my Patreon apparently already being linked to another Streamlabs account.

I understand there’s an option on my P account to unlink Streamlabs, and I do choose it, yet whenever I do and then try to link my correct Streamlabs acc to it, it always tells me the account is linked to another one and I can’t do that. Streamlabs checked what was happening, asked me for details, I even logged into any possible accounts I could have on Streamlabs to check if any of them were already linked - to no avail.

Could someone from Patreon provide feedback on how to fix this issue? I’d love to unlink Streamlabs once and for all from my account and then link it to the correct one, and maybe solve the problem for anyone else at that.

Hey @MrKashkiet

I’d love to try to tackle this with you. Could you submit a ticket to Since this is going to be user-specific I’d rather us work through that than the forums to get it taken care of. If you could also include the Streamlabs contact you’ve been working with, I can reach out to them directly as well.