Streamlabs - Patreon connection issues

Hi guys. new to this forum.
you can call me llama

I’m having an issue with my patreon/streamlabs connection

I’ve looked high and low and cant find the answer on any previous thread. So I’m posting new.
I stream via obs and use streamlabs for alerts and event list.
When I connected patreon to streamlabs at first I was getting no alerts to my alert box but i WAS getting notifications via my event list.
When looking for answers I was instructed to reconnect streamlabs and patreon by disconnecting on both ends which i did and reconnecting. I did that and Now i have the Alert Box functioning but not the event list.

So while broadcasting if I miss the alert itself inside of obs - I miss the pledge all together - since its not showing up on the event list.

I tried disconnecting on both ends and reconnecting multiple times now - and I’m having no success.

Can i get some help?

no one helping with this?