Patreon Widget Not Rendering

So after hours and hours of trying to figure things out I’ve come to one conclusion, I need the Patreon community’s help if possible.

My issue at this moment in time is with the provided widget by Patreon that all accounts have the option to use, the company I work for has created a widget module that implements this code into the HumHub platform, the issue is that when using the Patreon widget now content disappear instantly and only shows the Patreon button text instead of the button when enabled as of HumHub v1.4-beta1, where as in HumHub v1.3.x the button itself only displays text and has to be refreshed to view the button in full, I’m looking for a quick fix for this so that I can ship out the bugfix on my end but I haven’t found any problems in my code or in HumHub’s code, so a fresh pair of eyes could help greatly even advice on fixing this problem.

So if any help can be provided please PLEASE do so. :heart:

Source Code