(Patron PRO plugin) Question for hiding/showing custom fields


I gave a look at the code recipe provided here

and I am going to hire a developer to customize this a bit

My question is, if I set
$GLOBALS['patreon_enable_direct_unlocks'] = true;

Then I cannot lock other parts of the website using the normal Patron PRO interface?
I always have to use the code recipe and wrap it around the elements I want to hide?

And if yes, would it work to run
$GLOBALS['patreon_enable_direct_unlocks'] = true;
Only for certain post types?

Because basically, I need to use the code recipe only a certain post type, for all other post types I can use the default Patron PRO interface to lock/unlock elements, which is easier to do


That global var should not be needed anymore. It shouldnt have any effect.

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