Patrons cannot access WordPress posts

My patrons have told me they’re unable to view this post, which I’ve set to be viewable by all supporters in the two upper tiers:

One of my patrons says:

“what I get is a screen with part of the above picture on the left side, and a note that says Unlock With Patreon, and when I click on that, all I get is a white screen. I notice at the bottom of the picture there are two blocks labeled Previous and Next. The Previous one is dimmed out, and when I click on the Next one, it takes me to your previous post, Great Empires of North America, Part 5. It seems the function of the blocks is reversed.”

Another patron says:

“After I press the button “unlock with Patreon,” it just says “strange continent” on top, and nothing more”

UPDATE: I’m now getting a “mismatching redirect URI” message.

I tried the unlock button from there, and i was informed by my browser of the below issue:

(index):1 Access to XMLHttpRequest at ' from origin ‘’ has been blocked by CORS policy: No ‘Access-Control-Allow-Origin’ header is present on the requested resource.

This means that you have an iframe or other setup which causes the link from the entire thing to appear as if from a different site, to put it simply.

That is why browsers are preventing the link to work.

If you really need to keep that setup, you must add “Access-Control-Allow-Origin” headers with necessary values to your website, host or service. You can contact your web host with this information and ask help as well.

Though this issue was briefly fixed, my patrons are now unable to log in with Patreon again. When they visit the login page: it fails to load properly, and continues to tell them they’re not logged in even when they already are.

Does this problem continue Ben?

There was a minor hiccup on Patreon’s API at that time. This may have caused the issue.

My patrons are saying they STILL cannot get to the article.

When they click on the pic, they get a request to log in with Patreon, but when they try to do that, they get: "{“error”:“invalid_request”,“error_description”:"Mismatching redirect ".

And when they try to log in with Wordpress, they get taken to their dashboard to update my profile; when they go to the Home page, and click on the link to this article, they get sent back to the Log In With Patreon page.

Could you please look into this? I really thought it was fixed.

When I go to the article click “log in with Patreon,” I get sent to Patreon’s email verification page, which tells me they’ve sent me a verification email. When I click the link in the email to verify my login, I get taken to a page that just says:

“Error trying to decode a non urlencoded string. Found invalid characters: {’[’, ‘]’} in the string: ‘response_type=code&client_id=qnEugWRQTHUth4r-LlW-9J6o8plcSJhNWzKTUTlEs2vG2YYLzhnmBvfPNhd4qAeD&scope=identity+identity[email]&’. Please ensure the request/response body is x-www-form-urlencoded.”

This means that the redirect uri setting that appears in your plugin settings and the one you saved at Patreon client details at Patreon page are different.

This can also happen if your site uses mixed urls, http and https, and when a user comes from one of them despite your redirect uri is with another protocol.

To fix this, you can install a wp plugin to force https or http (better the former), and change the redirect uri setting at Patreon to have that version. (http or https).

Yes, I read that same answer in another of your posts. I have already installed a plugin that forces HTTPS for all pages on my site, and I have checked that the redirect URIs on both Patreon and my site use HTTPS – as well as the same tokens.

Can you check the current redirect uri value that shows in your Patreon plugin settings at your WP site, and also check the current value of the redirect uri at the relevant client you created for this website? At Patreon clients page?

Yes. On my WP site the redirect URI is:

And on the Patreon client page the URI is:

This is very odd.

If its possible, please arrange me an admin account at your site to check this on-site. It should be mailed to It should be deleted after debugging is complete.

Please do not give access credentials to anyone else in the forum, or send them to any other email.