Patrons not added to wordpress users

I have two different wordpress websites and two different Patreons sites ( one normal, one 18+), every with Patreon Pro Plugin. Both wordpress sites are connected to Patreon api correctly. On the first website I have 20 patrons who all were added automatically to the wordpress users. On the adult site I have only two patrons, actually, but they are NOT added automatically to the wordpress users, although I did the same settings as on the first website. What could be the mistake? Here the health check of the second page
WP 5.6 with PHP 7.4.3
Patreon WordPress 1.7.0 with API v2
Patron Plugin Pro 1.4.8
Patreon Button, Widgets and Plugin 2.0.9

Would be great if somebody could give me a hint.

Nope, you probably didnt do any mistake. The Patreon plugins do not automatically import/add your patrons as users. They only add them when they actually log into your WP site via Patreon.

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Ahh, thank you for your friendly feedback, I understand now. But an additional question: If a user finishs his membership with Patreon, will he automaticially be deleted as wordpress user?

No the user will not be automatically deleted from your WP site. That would damage your WP site as in the user could have made comments or otherwise interacted with your site. When a membership is canceled, the user just loses access to whatever patron-only content or feature that exists at your WP site.