PDF access via Patreon

I’ve linked Patreon to my Wordpress site for access to patrons only. It seems to work well for pages and posts, but media content such as pdf’s, (of which I have thousands of judgments of the higher courts) seem to still be accessible without being referred to the Patreon site. There are direct links to these pdf’s in comments all over social media, and I’m wondering if there is some way of placing these under the same access as the pages and posts currently are.

Here is an example: https://freemandelusion.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/kable-v-dpp-nsw-1996-hca-24.pdf

Unfortunately as i mentioned in another thread, general file locking is still not available.

Thanks. You mentioned if I have programming experience, I could do it before it is released on this app. I don’t have experience in programming, but any idea how I would go about doing that?

The file locking is handled with the htaccess code added below…

…and rest of the functions in this file which do what’s needed to process the file - ie detect file type, send headers etc. Also tier checking for access and creating a gated image icon etc are done in this file.

Modifying this file and the htaccess rule to accommodate the file type you want (pdf) and serve it would make your site be able to serve locked pdf files.

Thanks. You’ve lost me completely, but I’ll pass this information onto a friend that may be able to help me set it up. Cheers.

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