EDIT: Locking PDF Download links?

So when I try to update a piece of media in my library to be a certain patron tier and above only, it doesn’t seem to be working. I hit the update button and the tier level doesn’t save, instead it resets to “everyone.”

I am trying to set it up so my download links only work for patrons of a certain tier and above.

Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a pro only feature?

Please help!

I actually figured out that I am able to use the numeric field in attachment details when I click on my media to lock it behind tiers properly. Although, if I click on advanced details I still have the issue where it does not update, and stays set to everyone there even though it is properly locked behind the tier and the non-advanced details section stays at what I set it at. I am very confused by why this is happening, but if it works it works I suppose.

However, I also figured out this only works for images. My original intention was to use the media locking to hopefully lock some PDF download links by patron tier. Does anyone know a good way to do this? I am quite new to the whole website building thing and can’t seem to find anything about this online.

It is indeed true that it only works for images. There’s a plan to allow other files like pdfs, podcast audios etc to get locked by file locking, but it has a few months to go yet. However if you are technically knowledgeable enough in WP/PHP or you have someone who can help you for that, you can do it via modifications to the plugin behavior using hooks/filters until the feature is officially released.

Gotcha. Thanks for the info. I’ll see what I can figure out for now and keep my eyes open for when that goes live.

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