Apologies as I understand this probably isnt the right forum for this - but im asking on a behalf of a customer that im building a site for. By using the Wordpress Patreon plugin does this prevent from accessing your wordpress content - obvs understand that it cant protect content on Patreon but just checking they cant somehow hook up to your Patreon protected posts on your wordpress site?

Any info appreciated - thanks Steve

No, yiff and similar services cannot access your gated posts.

Moreover, they cant access your gated images as well.

The only way they can access it is if some patron downloads one ungated image and posts it somewhere else.

Thanks for your response, I thought this to be the case.

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codebard has no idea what he’s talking about. Yes they can hand have been for years. They can get access to anything you post. You can go check their website yourself. My hunch is it’s run by a patreon developer which is why they get away with it.