Protect a custom RSS feed with this plugin?

I have a podcast website with a LOT of episodes, over 500. So many that the RSS feed can’t show them all. I want to create a new benefit for my patrons for a ‘classics’ RSS feed that shows the oldest episodes so patrons can plug that feed into a podcast app and download all of the old episodes easily.

I don’t know how to create that kind of feed but I assume it can be done. My question is can this plugin protect a certain RSS feed so that only patrons can access it?

Perhaps I could create a separate mirror website with just the oldest episodes on it. Then I would just need to lock the site so that only patrons could access it and its RSS feed.

Do the protected posts appear protected in your current feed setup?

This also depends on the plugin or code you are using for custom feed - actually any feed:

If the plugin/code that you are going to use applies WP filters correctly, then the content would get protected. If they just directly pull the info from DB and just print it out, then protection would be bypassed. and is the RSS feed for the podcast.

It uses Blubrry’s Powerpress plugin.

Right now I have no protected posts. I want to see if RSS feeds are protected by this plugin.

You can just install the plugin, make a test post and lock it to see if it will work with your setup. Our plugin doesnt make any permanent modifications on your site.

Just install, activate, then pop a test post with $1, and see if it will appear in the feed.