Recommended API Usage Limits?

In our Discourse Patreon plugin we are limiting API requests usage by the site settings. Currently it is not enough for many of our users. I guess the above default values are low. Can anyone recommend us fair default value (not max) for these settings.

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I’d like to know about this too – are there any hard limits on the number of requests we can make? I don’t see any mention of this in the documentation.

We currently do not have any rate limiting but we’re closely watching how people use our API currently so we could impose sensible yet strict limits.

I think the numbers you have are actually pretty low. For a campaign with 5000 pledges and 200 pledges/page, that means that to fetch all pledges it’ll take 25 requests, which with your limits will take 2 hours minimum, and will only be possible to do 8 times a day.

I think 1000 requests a day is more sensible and allows more flexibility.

If we ever see naughty clients via our logging, we will email the author and in extreme circumstances, will disable the client or the oauth token that is being used to create those requests, but those are extremely rare and most of our clients have been acting in a sane and responsible manner.


Excellent! Thank you @LiraNuna

Today I noticed in API responses number of pledges per page is changed as 10 20 by default and 200 100 by maximum. So that means I have to increase the values even more for bigger campaigns. Can you please confirm these changes.

And if I request for pledges using a URL like /api/oauth2/api/campaigns/ID/pledges?page%5Bcount%5D=100 then the next page uri automatically comes with the query string page%5Bcount%5D=100. That’s fantastic.

But the same functionality not working when I request campaign details like oauth2/api/current_user/campaigns?include=goals,pledges&page%5Bcount%5D=100. In pledges URL it having the page count query string as 20 instead of 100.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

number of pledges per page is changed as 20 by default

It has always been 20 by default.

100 by maximum

200 maximum

Can you please confirm these changes.

We did not push new code since Wednesday Nov 22ns so nothing has changed since then. In addition we are very strict about these kind of changes, and we do not push those kind of changes without at least announcing.

Then it must be a bug. Today I tried again with campaign API like below and I am able to reproduce all the issues I mentioned in previous post. Except 20 API results by default (example result in your docs having 10).[ID]/pledges?page%5Bcount%5D=200&sort=created

(I’ll wait for @LiraNuna as the authority on the case you’re describing, jumping in here to say that any docs failings are on me. Watching this thread to learn if I should change things.)

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@vinkas Can you share the value of the header X-Patreon-UUID for a request that reproduces this issue so I may investigate further?

I am not using X-Patreon-UUID value in headers. As per this docs I am using Authorization: Bearer <access_token> in request header. And I don’t have permission to post it.

Is it really need for you to investigate? Then I will ask for permission

@vinkas that’s understandable. As an alternative, for sharing potentially sensitive information and troubleshooting, we can communicate using platform at for one-off needs like this. (This forum is preferred for most communications of course)

@tal I sent that value in PM.

@LiraNuna Initially I thought you are asking for the value from API request header. That’s why I little confused with access_token. I sent the PM with the X-Patreon-UUID value now.

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@vinkas did you send it to that email? any bounces perhaps? I ask because we’re having trouble finding it on our end from that email (we’re searching using your email if that’s right)

Thanks for your concern @tal. I actually meant the private messaging option here in the forum. Liran already replied for my PM and the issue is resolved. Thanks again for your support :+1:

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