API access limits


My name is Ivan, and I am the developer of the application using Patreon API. I am currently working on a feature that would verify a user’s Patreon subscriber status.

While working on it, a question has arisen that I hope you could clarify. From time to time, my application needs to check if a specific user is a subscriber of specific Patreon campaign. The only way to perform this check is to make a request to your API to get a full list of subscribers (approximately 1200 people in our case), and then check if the given user is on that list.

I am concerned that this operation might be performed quite often, and I wouldn’t want to put unnecessary load on your API servers. In your API documentation, I couldn’t find any information about existing rate limits, which surprised me. I know that many APIs have certain limits in place to manage server load.

Could you please confirm whether there are any rate limits to your API (on the number of requests per time period or some others)? If so, could you specify what those limits are? This information would help me optimize the use of your API and prevent unnecessary load on your servers.

Thank you in advance for your help.

Best regards,

There would be limits, but with any reasonable use of the api you should never hit them. Campaigns as large as 50,000+ members regularly sync their campaigns without issues.

Note that you dont have to sync your entire campaign to check the user’s patronage. If your patrons log into your app via Patreon, you can just use the users’ own tokens to check their patronage by calling the api at the moment they log in.