Reporting rewards

How do I report a creator for “rewards” where the Patreon user only mocks the patrons and does not give away any actual rewards? For example:

A Single Dollar
$1 or more per month ∙ 767 patrons
Patrons at this tier would usually be yelled at by a man about needing to defoo more from their wallets. But ignore him, this is my patron and I’m thankful.

Happy Meal
$5 or more per month ∙ 306 patrons
Patrons at this level are forgoing “lovin’ it” and instead choosing to donate. But who wants to eat dead cows that a clown cooked anyway. I wouldn’t trust that, he probably has people buried in his basement.

Wew Lad
$10 or more per month ∙ 101 patrons
You’re starting to get into buyers remorse territory now.

$25 or more per month ∙ 35 patrons
Your parents are going to be pissed. That credit card they gave you was for “college related expenses”. I hope you get good grades to soften the blow of this.

This is a forum for Patreon developers to discuss the Patreon development platform, if you have concerns about conduct on Patreon itself you would be much better off reaching out to the Patreon support team via their help desk.

That said, reading through the Community Guidelines there is no obligation for a Patreon campaign to provide rewards that you may consider meaningful, and there’s this from the Patreon help site:

Lastly, we understand that once in a while, you may come across content on Patreon that you don’t like or that you disagree with, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the user is violating our guidelines and should be reported. For example, if you are unhappy with the quality of what a creator has produced or the direction their new work is taking, please contact them to discuss the issue via messages.

My interpretation (as a Patreon user) is that the campaign you’ve linked is within the guidelines, but if you reach out to the Patreon support team they’d be able to give you a concrete answer.