Seeing user patron level in wordpress

Dear Patreon programing geniuses

I have been looking at the forums and have not found an answer to this question.

Here is my setup.
I have both a blog and a wpforo section to my site

I ASSUME (as there is really no way I have found to test this without actually having an subscribed patron visit the site)
That the blog side of this is working well.
I see the little “you need to be a patron” warning on the blog entries I told it to be on. THANKS.

Now on the wpforo side there is no way to block access to certain forums without using user groups. (would love patron integration with this as well but that would probably involve some collaboration)
So I plan on checking each new user as they register (using Patreon) and assigning the correct user groups for their access.

Is there a way to see what level of Patronage the Patreon user has when looking at their user data in word press?

And will I be notified if their patron level changes so that i can give them the correct access in wpforo?

Thanks so much for your wisdom and communication.

p.s Maybe the ability to have test Patrons would be useful in problem solving access issues. I can simply create users in wordpress and test permissions, but I have yet to find a way to test the Patreon integration without having a patron log in.

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Actually there is already working code which you can use to gate/lock any part of your site, including forums:

You can use the above if you only have Patreon Wordpress.

And the one above if you have Patron Pro.

This code allows you to lock anything. You can use it multiple times.

Thank you for your fast reply

I will give these a try

Is there a set of test patreon logins we could confirm these settings with?

Thanks again for your time and hlep

You can create a patron account by using another email to test your site. You can use the same payment method which you use with your creator account for the test patron account.