Wordpress membership registration/login via Patreon ONLY

I am a little bit confused on how Patreon and WordPress integration is going to work since I can’t really do any testing until I get pledges. SO, registration is only available via Patreon. How can I setup this integration so that in WordPress under roles, I can view the pledge level of all my users?

Utlimately, when a user pledges, their role should change within WordPress.

You can test your integration by creating a new Patreon account with a different email but the same payment info then pledging to yourself from a low tier like $1. Be sure to cancel these pledges afterwards.

A specific role is not added to the users when they login/register via Patreon or they are marked as patrons. But its in consideration.

To make registration/login Patreon only, you can use the Patron Plugin Pro upgrade.