Simulating User Actions on Patreon

Hey so I am thinking of creating a tool for Patreon to help creators however, it would require the creator sign in and then through a user session simulate actions that a user would be able to take.

I was wondering if Patreon allows the creation of such a tool?

Obviously, the creator will be made aware explicitly regarding what they’re granting permission for and only actions that a user can otherwise take through the UI will be performed.

Such a use case is not supported if it works through, the site, using the creator’s own login session.

Sorry, can u clarify are u saying this is not possible? Or are u saying it’s only possible with the creator’s own login session? And if it is possible does patreon have any terms of service that are being violated via this method?

The legal terms aside; Its possible but its not supported. You can build it, it can get broken tomorrow when something is changed at

Understood, yes I am aware of the risk behind this method. I’ll try exploring this further to see what I find. Thank you for your reply.

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