Stopping someone from having multiple Wordpress accounts for one Patreon account


We are looking for a way to avoid a situation where someone can link their Patreon account to multiple wordpress user accounts at the same time.

This allows people to essentially pay on one account and create other accounts for friends/family, linking their Patreon to these and providing infinite access to our content for little effort.

Limiting duplicate accounts based on email address/IP on our end is not enough because there is nothing stopping a friend creating their wordpress account, providing the login details to the Patreon friend, who then links the accounts and hands the account back.

We need some way to check existing users on the Wordpress side to see if the Patreon account being linked is already linked elsewhere, and stop the linking process if a duplicate has been found. It would also ideally print to debug or send an admin email to notify someone has tried this.

Of course, even with limiting Patreon links on multiple Wordpress accounts doesn’t solve the issue of someone sharing access to their wordpress account, but that is completely unavoidable without the sharing user taking on their own risk, which is the only deterrent until we add 2FA later on.

Thank you.

A Patreon account should be linkable to a single WP account at any given moment. Your users are likely re-linking the account that they are using at that point in time from scratch every time.

Using patreon_do_action_after_user_logged_in_via_patreon and/or patreon_do_action_after_new_user_created_from_patreon_logged_in that are in may help.