Tier options for specific rewards

Hey thereveryone!

I am creating a membership site based on Patreon and the CodeBard pro plugin.

One feature which seems to be missing is specific options within a tier. For example, if it’s a tshirt reward we wouldn’t want separate tiers for small medium and large…and would also like to automate as much as possible rather than needing to email each patron. In our case, our membership site has channels and I’d like to create a tier (in addition to the tier accessing the entire platform) which only provides access to one channel…and it would be silly to have a tier for each channel. Anyway to request this as a core patreon feature? Thanks!

This sounds like a very specific option which very likely only a handful of people will need. So I doubt it will be included in the core, but it might be a nice addition to the Pro plugin. @codebard

To keep the ideas under one roof, I would recommend to add it to this topic.

This idea seems to be something that requires some format already being present at Patreon side. Without some feature there, plugin wouldnt be able to distinguish in between the different tiers. If there are 2 $5 tiers at Patreon, something could be done over their names, but that wouldnt be very reliable - tier name changes, everything goes to dust.