Select multiple tier programmatically?

I read on the forum multiple tiers selection is still not possible (a shame!) so I wanted to :

  • +1 this feature
  • ask if it was possible to do it “programmatically”? Like Codebard said in this post : Set different tiers
    If yes, how?

Have a great day

You can implement code on your side to check for a specific tier id to lock/unlock your content. Ie, check if tier X or Y etc.

Hi Codebard and thank you for your quick reply!
I am no code-savvy, do you have any resource on the subject or know someone who could do it? I’m willing to pay if needed.

Have a great day

Hi Codebard or anyone with a solution or a lead to help me implement programmatically a tier verification?

Have a great day

This would require some programming and it may not be something a beginner can do, so unless you learn to code a bit, you wouldnt be able to do it by yourself.

You could ask at Patreon’s Discord at #tech-and-dev channel whether there are any devs who can help you to implement that. Or you could find a dev from somewhere else.